Friday                   18.30               Special pairs

16th June


Saturday                10.20               Opening

17th June               10.30               GP Metuje Cup - 1st session

                              15.00               GP Metuje Cup - 2nd session

                              20.00               Individual


Sunday                    9.00             Swiss Teams

18th June               15.00            Refreshment

                15.30            Prize-giving ceremony


Played in Sokol Hall

Entry fees

Special Pairs                       100,- Kč per pair

GP Metuje Cup                    300,- Kč per pair

Individual                             50,- Kč per player

Teams                                 300,- Kč per team



Challenge trophy METUJE CUP

Cash prizes for at least 10 per cent of participants

Other prizes:

ˇ        GP Metuje Cup:

§        the best pair containing woman

§        the best foreign pair

§        pair with the highest score improvement in 2nd session - rocket

ˇ        He-high-scorer and she-high scorer


All players invited

by Bridge Club Nové Město nad Metují


For accommodation reservations apply to:

MUDr. Marie Volhejnová

Nad stadionem 1319

Nové Město nad Metují

549 01

tel. (0441) 72198

Deadline for reservations: 11th June 1998


For partners please write or phone

Vít Volhejn

Klosova 489

Nové Město nad Metují

549 01

tel. (0441) 792 112


Nové Město nad Metují hopes to see you in June.

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