Grand Prix





4 days Bridge Festival

October 12 – 15, 2006


Playing Schedule


The contests of Grand Prix Prague take place at

Bridge club Prague, Italska 209/17, Praha 2 


          Date                             Time                Event                                   

Thursday, Oct 12                 18:00   Welcome Pair Tournament                     


Friday, Oct 13                      18:00   1st-5th Round of Swiss Teams (Board - a – match)       


Saturday, Oct 14                              Grand Prix Prague

                                                           2-session Pairs Tournament of Czech

            Bridge Federation Grand Prix Series


                                               10:00   Session 1                         15:30   Session 2      


Sunday, Oct 15                     9:00    6th-10th Round of Swiss Teams (Board - a – match)



Entry fee

Welcome Pair Tournament                       100,-CZK/Player          


Swiss Teams                                                800,-CZK/Team          


Grand Prix Pair Tournament                    250,-CZK/Player          




Welcome Pair Tournament                       1st Prize         1000,-CZK/Pair          

Swiss Teams                                                1st Prize         4000,-CZK/Team

Grand Prix Pair Tournament                    1st Prize         4000,-CZK/Pair          

Best players of the Festival                       1st Prize         2000,-CZK/Player                                     


Other prizes according to number of participants




Jiri Kopriva              e-mail:                   


 Bridge club Prague